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Salvete! (Hello!)


Pax et Imperium, Peace and (into) the Empire, was created on the server of KATH HOUND. Surrounded by darkness, we light siders and neutrals felt suppressed. We couldn’t role-play in the fashion that we wished to. The only way to come together was to create Pax et Imperium!


 “Emotion, yet peace.

 Ignorance, yet knowledge.

 Passion, yet serenity. 

 Chaos, yet harmony.

 Death, yet the Force.”


The Jedi code that is known and embraced by the Republic Light Side today was revised from this Primus (First) Mantra above by Odan-Urr. The Primus Mantra, unlike the Jedi Code today, shows the balance between the core elements of the Force. Pax et Imperium’s goal is to embrace the Primus Mantra. In doing so, we will revise the Imperium (Empire). We realize that the current Imperium has flaws, yet it can be revised and improved, its power indefinite, if it finds the balance that this Primus Mantra provides.


In keeping with the doctrine of balance, Pax et Imperium recruits neutral and lightside indivuduals. Pax et Imperium also recognizes the ways of the Dark Side. While it can lead to corruption if one ventures deep into its depths, the Dark Path recognizes the importance of the Empire. We do recruit Dark Side individuals if they can prove to accept the Primus Mantra and accept our ideals.

HOW TO JOIN (options):

*Check out the “Recruiting” tab at this website

*Join this website as an associate

*Send me a PM at

*Contact me ingame (Ajahax)

*Search “Pax et Imperium” in the who tab under the social windows in-game and contact one of our members

*Post on our guild forum:


When one is accepted into the guild, they will become a Discipulus (learner). If shown to be dedicated and active in the guild, they will be brought to a special location. There, they will recite the Pax et Imperium Oath, thus becoming a Civis Fidelius (Faithful Citizen).


Pax et Imperium recognizes special people inside the Imperium that have discovered the True Path despite the darkness around them.

Lord vassanar:


Lord Vassanar was drawn to the Light through her love of nature. Escaping prosecution from the Sith, she was garenteed protection in this here Imperial Fleet as a Lightside Vendor. To pass the time, she makes a mean organic smoothie with the herbs from her shuttle garden.


Kel’eth ur:                   

Kel’et Ur was a Light Sided Sith. He created many teachings, most which have been lost, against the corruption and fear of the Imperium. Because the Emperor’s power felt threatened, he was laid to rest in the Dark Temple on Drumund Kass.


Guild News

Officer Forum Added

Ajahax, Feb 12, 12 10:47 AM.
All officers, post and check out the new forums just for you! We have to sort out officer positions!

Post Character Bios

Ajahax, Feb 11, 12 11:56 AM.
Make sure to keep the website active!

*Post your character bio's
*Communicate via the PAXCOMM Forums
*Share and discuss lore in the Way of Pax forum (rp forum)

Binding Oath Event

Ajahax, Jan 26, 12 7:01 PM.
Binding Oath Event: Dispilcus will recieve permanent membership
*Light Side Vendor, Imperail Fleet
*1/28/11 Sat Night

Curlin' Up Story RP Event

Ajahax, Jan 25, 12 9:18 PM.
Curlin' Up Story Night!
*Sun, 1/29/12
*Nem'ro's Cantina, Hutta
*Come on and enjoy a warm Pumpkin Fizz while relaxing with great tales of the Imperium!
Forget about the cold of Hoth, the constant street battles of Drumund Kass, or the Sith curruption and relax!

Guild Council RP Event!

Ajahax, Jan 25, 12 9:05 PM.
Gather for this Guild Council meeting to make help us RP and make amendments to the guild!
*All members of Guild are welcome
*LS VEndor, Imperial Fleet
*Thurs, Feb. 2, 2012
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Find Pax (Peace) within the Imperium (Empire)! Join Pax et Imperium (Peace and Empire), a Light Sided RP guild. We are recruiting neutrals and light sided members! Join our organization to help spread Pax throughout the Imperium!
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